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DAUTI. The solution to the image of your ambition.


  DAUTI was born in 1999 with one purpose: the CreationProduction and Sale of quality uniforms. We are inserted in the sector of ClothingFootwearAccessories and other Professional Textiles, always attentive to current trends. The goal of our company is to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers, making their ideas a reality, providing unique and personalized products, which meet their values ​​and corporate image, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

We are specialists in corporate clothing, offering a wide variety of products that fall within the business areas of HospitalityCateringCasinoAviationSPAIndustry and ServicesHealth and Leisure, among others. Guarantee of replacement of DAUTI products for at least 3 years.

With a focus on innovation and meeting the needs of our customers, since 2018 we have stopped just DRESSING PEOPLE and also DRESSING SPACES. DAUTI became a distributor of LUSINI products - VEGA, PULSIVA, HOTELWÄSCHE and JOBELINE - and the brand's official representative in Portugal and in most African countries and the only one to have the marketing rights for VEGA products.

If you are looking to give your company a unique and personalized image, Dauti has the solution for you.

“A uniform is not just for wearing. It is, above all, a way of inventing communication and giving a sense of identification. ”



The wide range of products we produce and sell belong to our ranges - Prestige, Uniformes, Sport and Home. Something that all these ranges have in common is the possibility of personalization. You will thus be able to make products even more unique, customizing them according to your company and your image - embroidering and stamping your logo or other element that characterizes your company.


The PRESTIGE range, as the name implies, is composed of exclusive and excellent products. With a focus on trends and innovation, these articles are produced with high quality materials, providing unique pieces and ensuring high comfort and well-being.


The UNIFORMES range is a functional and practical range, marked by the quality-price of its products and the wide variety of items available. Here you can find all kinds of products you need for your business, from jackets, pants, jackets, accessories, among many others.


The SPORT range is made up of sportier, breathable and lighter products, in order to facilitate the movements of those who wear them. You can use these pieces to carry out any activity, for long periods of time and you will feel comfort throughout the day.


To complete our range of uniforms, the HOME range was created, consisting of a wide variety of textiles for table, bed and bathroom professionals. These items guarantee to complement various sectors of activity in different businesses.

But we don't stop there. With the help of our German partner - LUSINI - we managed to further expand our product range by distributing products from its 4 sub-brands - Vega, Pulsiva, Erwin M. and Jobeline.


VEGA is a brand that allies itself mainly with the Hotel and Restaurant sector, offering a range of solutions for the daily needs of these businesses - Kitchen Utensils and Equipment, Bar, Furniture, Decoration, Cosmetics, among many others. With elegant collections, at a good price and that guarantee a quick availability of replacement, trying to create a good experience for all customers.


Leader in prices, PULSIVA is a brand that attracts by the wide selection of quality articles at good prices, which mainly cover the areas of Catering and Hospitality. They thus offer a range of practical and functional products and equipment.


ERWIN M., the oldest brand in E.M.Group, supplies professional textiles for the table, bed and bathroom. Knowing the needs of different business areas, such as Hospitality and Catering, your focus is to ensure the longevity and durability of your products.


JOBELINE is the last brand in this group, which is dedicated to creating quality work clothes, comfortable and with an attractive design. Composed of several articles that fall into different business areas, with a special focus on Hospitality and Catering.




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